Office Lighting

Aside from the fact that light influences the personal well-being and the health of an individual, it also has a positive impact on motivation and performance.

Lighting in the workplace is based now on Ergonomics principles and has to meet safety requirements in terms of occupational health and safety.

At LedLow our team of lighting specialists will make sure that your Office project has all the hallmarks of a first class quality managed project, ensuring that it is well-presented, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and above all in-line with occupational health and safety standards both internally and externally.

We can also guarantee low energy output with innovative and green technology that is LED, ensuring cost-savings for your client.

Office LED Lighting Products

LedLow understands the importance of correct lighting levels in the office workplace, the correct lux levels leds to increased productive and well being of workers and using LedLow's products ensures excellent energy, cost efficiency and product reliability.

LED T8 Tubes are designed to replace the equivalent Cathode Fluorescent tubes. By using only 1/3 traditional tubes electricity, the LED tubes have the same structure and style of traditional CFT tubes delivers a brighter performance per watt, with less heat radiation and few of the pitfalls faced by traditional CFT tubes.

LedLow's GU10 LED excellent energy efficiency in a wide selection of wattages and lux levels